Holiday coding camp:
Digital projects lab
Let your child try out the digital professions of the future!
For 7-12 year olds
An engaging educational adventure for the school holidays
For ten days, children will work on projects, trying out various digital professions, such as web design, game design, and video content creation.
Children will learn the principles of programming and multimedia work that can develop into an exciting hobby, as well as being useful in school.
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Study with peers
The children will be divided into two age groups. The themes and activities in each group are adapted to the developmental needs of the child.
The storyline connects all the modules together and turns them into a game. At the end of each module children have
a chance to demonstrate their project.
7-9 years old
The children will be transported to a virtual city. There they will help its citizens to develop it by completing projects, ranging from designing the city flag and starting a blog to taking part in an animated film festival. Throughout they will be accompanied by friendly characters.
Doodle video making
Forming a team and designing a team flag
Website development
DevBlog creation
Video game development
Animated film festival and graduation
Stop motion video making
7-9 years olds will learn
Develop their own websites
in a simple block-based programming environment
Use video editing software and the most common techniques and effects
Develop a computer game, from an idea to a working product
Create a stop-motion cartoon
10-12 years old
The children will become team members of a game development studio. During the camp they will experience all the different roles and try out the instruments that are essential to the game development process to produce their own game.
Creating a video game concept and script
Forming a team and designing a team flag
Website development
DevBlog creation
Designing company logo
Video game development
Developing 3D models
Making a game review
Presentation of projects and graduation
10-12 years old will learn
To complete the main tasks of a web designer and develop their own website
To create illustrations that can be used in marketing materials
To design a computer games on a block-based programming constructor, going through the whole process, from the script to product testing.
To make video reviews of different products and talk about the process of their work
To develop 3D models of characters
Focus on soft skills
Approach tasks creatively, experiment and not be afraid of mistakes

Work in a team, dividing tasks, finding compromises and communicating ideas effectively

Not be afraid of public performances and confidently demonstrate projects in front of an audience
How do lessons work?
At your local Algorithmics School in your city
Teacher-led classes, in groups of up to
6 students online
5 days a week for 2 weeks
Full day of activities with 4 hours teaching per day, divided into 3 sessions
International school
of mathematics and programming for 6-17 year olds
Modern teaching methodologies

Engaging gamified format

A proprietary IT platform

Developing the essential skills of the 21st Century
200 000
Don't miss the opportunity
to give your child
an unforgettable holidays
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